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Wicked Women edited by Scott Goudsward and Trisha J. Wooldridge

WICKED WOMEN. How can I pass by a book with such a title as this? Most of the stories here are as great as the cover, (way to go Lynne Hansen!)

As with most anthologies, some stories worked better for me than others. Below are a few of the tales that stood out for me.

The opening story was the perfect introduction to this collection: MILK TIME by Elaine Pascale. The Mountain Peak Middle School caters to only certain children. And when these children are served chocolate milk? Well…I’ll just let you read that for yourself.

Despite a few typos DOES THIS BRING YOU JOY by Sara Marks was an impressive tale based on that lifestyle thing going around-you know-the one about getting rid of things that don’t kindle joy? What if the things that don’t kindle joy are people?

BAD TRIP HIGHWAY by Renee S. DeCamillis. One would think drivers would have learned by now. Do not pick up hitchhikers. Especially carnie hitchhikers.

CHILD OF REASON by Christine Lajewski. Man, this story was messed up. MESSED UP. Homunculus’ freak me out, I’ll admit it. This tale is a doozy.

SILVER HEART by Morgan Sylvia. A story about injecting people with silver. (That’s not what it’s really about, but it is.) If that doesn’t make sense, I guess you’ll have to read it!

THE FETCH by E.A. Black I felt so bad for little Julie. Who hasn’t been in that awkward teenage place where it feels like everyone hates you, or worse yet, you’re invisible? Also? Don’t play with Ouija Boards!

THE TALE OF ANNETTE by Tracy L. Carbone. This tale about a childless couple blew me away! Loved it. This one was my favorite in the book.

SOULS OF THE WICKED LIKE CRUMBS IN HER HAND by Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert. When depression hits after having a child it can be a very difficult situation. Now imagine how bad it could get after having a stillborn baby. So yeah, this one was rough and sad.

THE HUNGRY MAN by Lindsay Moore. Now look here, when a hungry man comes to the door NEVER EVER give him any food!

THREE SISTERS ISLAND by Hillary Monahan. What a story! A woman’s twin sister is missing, so she sets off to visit the island where her sister lives. The insulated atmosphere of townies and unwanted visitors…everything about this island is wrong and that’s what I loved about this story.

THE HUNGRY HEART by Roxanne Dent. A twist on the old revenge is best served cold theme. I liked it!

Anthologies are always fun and I’m glad that I chose this one to read and review. Within are all kinds of stories, written by and about all kinds of women, and I enjoyed their creativity and imagination! Perhaps you will too?!


Thanks to one of the editors for the e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!

Wicked Women: An Anthology of the New England Horror Writers Book Cover Wicked Women: An Anthology of the New England Horror Writers
edited by Scott Goudsward and Trisha Wooldridge
Dark Fiction, Horror

Dressing in stolen skin, watching the world through silver eyes, or questioning local folk traditions about bodies hanging in trees, these stories and poems from the women of the New England Horror Writers will leave you bleeding with fresh nightmares and hanging on with splitting fingernails to questionable reality. Wander around islands with eldritch secrets, take drug-fueled drives with carnies, and explore the arcane labyrinths trauma builds in one’s mind. But whatever you do, don't think for a moment that anyone is safe from these Wicked Women!


Jane Yolen

Sidney Arcane

E.A. Black

Tracy L. Carbone

Lola J. Clemente

Victoria Dalpe

Gillian Daniels

Renee S. DeCamillis

Roxanne Dent

Patricia Gomes

Kameryn James

Christine Lajewski

Sara Marks

Hillary Monahan

Lindsay Moore

Elaine Pascale

Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert

Mary Robles

Kristi Petersen Schoonover

Morgan Sylvia

Jennifer Williams

Introduction by Elaine Cunningham

Cover art by Lynne Hansen

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