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The Seven: The Labyrinth, Book One by Brian Keene, narrated by Joshua Saxon

THE SEVEN: THE LABRYINTH BOOK ONE puts me in mind of a superhero film-one of the ones where they come together to fight an evil that threatens us all. In this volume, we have characters from THE RISING and EARTHWORM GODS, as well as many characters featured in other Brian Keene novels. What does all this amount to? A big-ass bunch of fun!

Being that I wanted to read this book, I first listened to EARTHWORM GODS because the protagonist in that tale is featured in this one. I just love Teddy and was excited to meet him again here. I remember several of these characters from THE RISING and CITY OF THE DEAD, most especially Frankie, who I loved then and I still love now.

This is like a super mash up of all of Keene’s works, featuring connections and easter eggs for everyone. I admit that I haven’t read all of Brian’s work, so I probably missed a ton of stuff, but I sure did have a lot of fun, just the same! I’m sure comparisons to King’s Dark Tower series will be made, but who says that King is the only author allowed to write such a thing?

In the intro to THE SEVEN, Keene explains what a fan showed him and how this book came about. I thought that was pretty cool. This book was first released to members of Brian’s Patreon account, and now it has become available to everyone in a number of different formats, including audiobook, which is what I’m reviewing here. Joshua Saxon is one hell of a narrator and the only issue I had with him was the pronunciation of OB. The audio of THE RISING, had it pronounced as AWWB, not OHHB. No big deal, really. The man has a lot of characters to voice here and he pulls it off with aplomb.

This book was so much fun with its doors opening onto different worlds and different time periods, there really is no limit to where Brian Keene can lead us with this. All I want to know is when and where I need to be to continue this series!

Highly recommended, especially to fans of Brian Keene’s work!

*I bought this audio with my hard earned cash.*

The Seven: The Labrinth, Book One Book Cover The Seven: The Labrinth, Book One
The Labyrinth, Book One
Brian Keene
Horror, Dark Fiction, Dark Fantasy
Crossroad Press
7 Hours, 32 minutes

The Labyrinth - an interconnected mythos that binds all of Brian Keene’s works together.

The Labyrinth - an interdimensional construct that binds all of reality together.

Now, the Labyrinth is threatened. A group of malevolent cosmic entities, known as The Thirteen, have been loosed upon the universe. Ob, Leviathan, Behemoth, Nodens, Meeble, Shtar, Kandara and the rest of their kind have one goal: The complete destruction of all Creation. Seven unlikely warriors from across time and space have been called upon to stop them. If they fail, reality itself will crumble. And the collapse has already begun....

The Seven: The Labyrinth, Book 1 is the start of Brian Keene’s magnum opus, featuring characters and situations from The Rising, Earthworm Gods, Darkness on the Edge of Town, The Complex, Clickers, Dark Hollow, and many more; in an epic, multi-volume final battle that spans Keene’s vast literary universe, and will thrill both new listeners and long-time fans.

The Seven: The Labyrinth, Book 1 - where everything dies, but not everything has an ending....until now.

©2021 Brian Keene (P)2022 David N. Wilson

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