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The Drive-in by Joe R. Lansdale, narrated by Matt Godfrey

Coming off of an audio that dealt with the Holocaust, I needed my next read to be something light. Matt Godfrey performing this old favorite of mine was the perfect solution!

Written back in the late 80’s, The Drive-In is just plain horror fun. Sure, there’s a bit of commentary in there, if you want to give the story some depth, but there’s plenty of horrific gore, insane circumstances and a big bunch of Lansdale’s brand of humor to round it all out.

What happens to people in dire circumstances is brought out into the light and examined from all different angles. Imagine if you will, a huge drive-in with 6 different screens and nearly 4,000 cars. Then imagine that everything goes black, (except for the movies), and no one can leave. For months. How long will the food last? What will people do when no more popcorn is left? You’ll have to read this to find out!

Joe R. Lansdale is a go-to author for me, and I’m thankful that I have a lot more of his work to catch up with. Matt Godfrey is one of the very first narrators I got to know when I started on my audio adventures and he remains one of my favorites. Together, these two make an unbeatable team! If you’re looking for something to fill out your October reading, I highly recommend the audio of The Drive-In!

Source: I downloaded this from Audible with my hard earned cash. It was worth every single penny.

The Drive-In: A B-Movie With Blood & Popcorn, Made in Texas Book Cover The Drive-In: A B-Movie With Blood & Popcorn, Made in Texas
Joe R. Lansdale
Dark Fiction, Horror,
Bizarre Hands
9.21.20 (originally published in 1988)
Audio Download
5 hours, 1 minute

The end of the 1980s. Drive-in movie culture is mostly dead with one significant exception: The Orbit Drive-In. A drive-in theater so large it houses screens multiple stories high that fill the sky and can hold 4,000 cars and all the people who can squeeze in them. It’s a lit city that fills to the brim on Friday nights; crowds gather for the Dusk-to-Dawn Horror Shows. Horns honk, BBQ grills sizzle, people yell and act the fool, ready for the marathon of one low-budget horror film after another. But then suddenly the world changes in front of their eyes, not on the screens. A comet, red and smiling with jagged teeth, flashes across the sky. People try to leave but find they are trapped by some acidic goo surrounding the entire drive-in. They grow hungry, homicidal, and suicidal. Then along comes the Popcorn King, a jiving, rhyming creature formed by blue-white lightning, with four arms and a popcorn bucket on its head. A monster as strange and dangerous and mesmerizing as the creatures and villains on the screens. It offers the starving masses food, but there’s always a price to pay for survival. And then things start to get wicked....

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