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Thank you and Goodnight!

There comes a time when it all becomes too much, and for me, that time is now.

For 11 years I have been blogging and reviewing books. Not all horror, not all crime, but all of it celebrating dark fiction. I’ve celebrated authors, narrators , other bloggers and reviewers and I like to think that I’ve actually helped some of them. I did all this while working a full time a job and trying my best to care for my mother. (The job is still here, but my mom is not.)

During that 11 years, I’ve made some friends and lost some others. I mean-that’s life. I’m grateful to have read and reviewed the works of some of the best dark fiction writers of our time and I am going to miss that. However, I have also witnessed the worst of people on various social media platforms and I won’t miss that at all.

I’m at the point where I cannot justify spending my hard earned cash running this site, and to be completely honest, I’m tired of having my reading scheduled out for a year ahead of time. I’d like to be able to read what I want to read, when I want to read it.

For authors to whom I owe a review I will still do my best to get them done for you, and I will still post reviews to Goodreads, Amazon and Char’s Horror Corner on Facebook. To publishers, editors and book reps I’ve worked with in the past, I want to say thank you for all the ARCs you have provided over the years. Some of them are among my favorite books of all time.

To my fellow reviewers, many of whom provided help and guidance through the years, I thank you and value you all.

I have a few more weeks left before this site is completely gone, (though I will be holding onto the domain name, in case I change my mind in the future), and during this time I will continue to post reviews. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their support over the years, soooo…

14 thoughts on “Thank you and Goodnight!”

  1. I’m sad for me, but glad for you. Thank you for the book recs and growing my TBR. No, really. 😉 I know you won’t be completely gone, so that helps. And I can always cruise through your Goodreads shelves when I need a great horror fix. 😀 Take care, Char!

    1. Thank you, my friend! I’ll still be around in Horror Aficionados for sure. I don’t go on Facebook much anymore, but about the only thing I miss is your posts!

  2. You hustled but you weren’t a hustler and the passion always seemed like the point. I’m sad the reviewer community is losing you, but I am happy for you that you’re taking care of yourself and creating room for brighter things.

    1. I’ll still be around on Goodreads and maybe even our reading room, since I’m hoping to have more free time once I’ve caught up with the backlog.
      Thanks for your kind word! 🙂

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