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Relentless by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter


This audiobook was so delicious, I could barely pull myself away. What a tasty treat!

After the finale of the last book, I feared for Joe Ledger’s mental state. Turns out that fear was justified, because Joe is, to put it simply, a mess.

In each book there is talk about Joe’s fractured personality. Due to severe trauma in his teens, due to his work as a former policeman, and due to his status as a true warrior in the DMS and now, Rogue Team International. However, in this book a fourth personality has emerged, and I feared that Joe wouldn’t survive it. Does he? You’ll have to read this to find out!

In an attempt to put my finger on why I like these books so much, I’ve been mulling it over in my mind. I think it’s the combination of the short chapters, from different viewpoints, the action and probably the number one reason is Ray Porter. Military/action books are just not my thing. I’m not into weaponry or macho BS. But get Ray Porter to perform it, and I AM IN. Porter brings a humanity to Ledger over and above what the written words bring. Porter brings the HEART.

RELENTLESS was, well, relentless. A relentless pulling at your heart, a relentless need for things to be made right, a relentless read-I was listening every second that I could spare and a few that I really couldn’t spare, but I did anyway. This audio was just that much fun. FUN, I say!

My highest recommendation!

I purchased this audio with my hard earned cash and as soon as the next book is available I will do the same!

Relentless Book Cover Relentless
Jonathan Maberry
Military Thriller, Action, War and Military Fiction
Macmillan Audio
18 hours, 29 minutes

In New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry's thrilling Relentless, Rogue Team International joins Joe Ledger in a new hunt that spans the globe and journeys deep into the terrifying landscape of the human heart.

Joe Ledger’s world has been torn apart. The people closest to him have been savagely murdered, and Ledger is on the hunt for the killers. His already fragile psyche has cracked apart, allowing a dangerous darkness to overwhelm him.

His hunt takes him deep into the world of the deadly black-market weapons sales, and standing in his way are a new generation of private military contractors. These mercenaries have been enhanced with cutting-edge cybernetics and chemical enhancements, transforming them into real-world super soldiers. Stronger, faster, harder to hurt, and fitted with built-in weapons. They are beyond anything Joe has ever faced.

But he is not the Joe Ledger they expected to fight. He is defined by the Darkness now. The attempt to destroy him - to break him - has backfired. Instead his enemies have turned him into a far more fearsome weapon.

Everyone is out for blood.

A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin's Griffin

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