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Nightfall by Daniel Barnett

Picking up Nightfall with no idea what was in store turned out to be an excellent decision. In this novella sized tidbit, Daniel Barnett did everything he needed to do to ensure I would continue reading this series. Well freaking done, sir! Well done!

I was sucked in right from the moment the sun went out. That’s not the only issue though, and that’s where my curiosity was piqued. Some people lost it when the sun went out. Some people are dancing naked in their front yards. Some people are staring off into space. Some people are killing themselves. Why? Usually this is where I would say, you’ll have to read this to find out. This time I’m saying you’ll have to read this and continue on with the series to find out and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Lastly, I’m interested in reading more of this author’s writing. Some phrases really stuck with me, but not only that, the writing itself is far above the level I was expecting. For me, writing that is vivid and descriptive can be a treat on its own, over and above pushing the narrative forward and that is what I’ve found here. (In my mind, I’m thinking of Shirley Jackson and how her word choices and descriptive talents added more to the story of Hill House, over and above the narrative itself. “…whatever walked there, walked alone.”)
Nightfall is impressive in its prose and in its vision. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I was provided a paperback ARC in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!

Further, I’ve chatted with this author several times over the last year or two and consider him a friend. Even further, I am hosting a read-along at Goodreads of this book, and if there is interest, the entire series, one book per month. Feel free to find and join us at Horror Aficionados on Goodreads.

Nightfall Book Cover Nightfall
Nightmareland Chronicles, #1
Daniel Barnett
Horror, Dark Fiction,

"Tomorrow died on the last morning of May. There were those who saw it happen, who watched the shadow fall, who felt the chop of the guillotine as the world lost its head. Everyone else witnessed only the aftermath, for the event itself lasted no longer than a moment. They stepped outside from windowless rooms, they climbed up from crowded subways, they pulled back the blinds to let in the sun, and found the nightmare waiting for them."

But the dark is only the beginning.

NIGHTFALL is the first volume of the NIGHTMARELAND CHRONICLES, an ongoing serialized adventure horror epic following one man's journey to reach his estranged daughter in a world claimed by eternal night.

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