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In That Endlessness, Our End by Gemma Files

Reading this book was the literary version of walking on the wild side. The dark and wild side.

This was my first experience reading Gemma Files’ work, but it won’t be my last. I’ve read comparisons to Ligotti and Barron, and even though I think they’re comparable, I think Ms. Files holds a distinct spot of her own. IN THAT ENDLESSNESS, OUR END contains a wide array of stories and among the ones I enjoyed most were:

THIS IT HOW IT ENDS. I kind of felt a science fiction vibe with one. Maybe I was duped?

BULB In light of the power outages going on in Texas right now, it’s easy for me to imagine that something might be living in the grid.

THE PUPPET MOTEL The title of this alone is creepy, but add in the sound, a tone perhaps, “an inhuman frequency.” A sound beckoning for you to…

COME CLOSER. What happens when that spooky house in neighborhood keeps somehow moving?

CUT FRAME Picture old school Hollywood, featuring the dark and mysterious star of B movies, Tamar Dusk.

ALWAYS AFTER THREE In a young couple’s apartment in an old building where renovations are never over-an odor arrives. Where is that smell coming from? And why does it only start stinking after 3:00 am?

VENIO Draw your door and tell your story! (Really loved this one!)

I responded to most of these tales on a visceral level. There is a constant…hum, a certain..tone, that permeates all of the stories in this volume. It sneaks past the factual, logical, Spock-like portions of my brain and speaks directly to that emotional portion, that portion that senses things, that senses things aren’t right. It’s unsettling and disturbing and I loved every freaking second of it!

My highest recommendation!

Thank you to Grimbscribe Press and to the author the paperback ARC in exchange for my honest review. This is it.

In That Endlessness, Our End Book Cover In That Endlessness, Our End
Gemma Files
Horror, Dark Fiction
Grimscribe Press



Heard the one about the Airbnb that eats your dreams or the iron-crowned king who preys on his own bloodline from the air, still smoldering centuries after being burnt alive? How about the cloudy antique bottle you can wish your excess rage inside, or that crooked alley down which something waits to replace your disappointing child with a far more pleasant facsimile? We all know the truth, especially in times like these-in an anxiety-ridden, sleepless world such as ours, it's only ever our very worst dreams that come true. Here streets empty out and people pull themselves apart like amoebas, breeding murderous doppelgangers from their own flesh; houses haunt, ideas possess and a cold and alien moon stares down, whispering that it's time to spawn. New myths rise and ancient evils descend. From the seemingly mundane terrors of a city just like yours to all the most dark and distant places of a truly terrible universe, nothing is as it seems...not even that dimly-recalled cinematic memory you've been chasing all these years, the one you think might be just something you stumbled upon while flipping through channels after midnight. The one that still disturbs you enough to raise a cold sweat all over your body, whenever you try to will its details clear.

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