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Eight Cylinders by Jason Parent

3.5/5 stars!

A wild ride featuring American muscle cars, some cosmic horror action, tentacles and a magic 8 ball. Hold on tight!

A man named Seb makes his getaway from a robbery gone bad. He’s bleeding out and doesn’t think he’s going to last long. Next thing he knows, he wakes up in a sketchy cabin in the desert, amidst a group of sketchy people, who are telling him he will never leave that place again. They say he’s trapped. They say he can’t escape. Ever. Are they right? You’ll have to read this to find out!

The mash-up of genres in this novella really throws the reader for a loop. You’re never quite sure what’s going to happen next. In that respect, it was a fun read. Problem is, I found myself not caring much for anyone, and other than Seb, I didn’t get a real feel for the other people at all. Perhaps that was for the best, considering?

I liked the entire concept here, there was just something I can’t quite put my finger on, that didn’t connect with me. It could be just me, and the whole “trying to concentrate during a pandemic” thing, I’d be the first to admit it. It was a quick, fun read nonetheless, and if you’re looking for a fast paced good time in a bad-ass Dodge Charger, this is the read for you!

I received a paperback ARC from the author in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!

Eight Cylinders Book Cover Eight Cylinders
Jason Parent
Horror, Dark Fiction, Cosmic Horror
Crystal Lake Publishing


Sebastian "Seb" McAlister has run out of luck in Vegas. Cornered by a trigger-happy gang and shot through the stomach, he makes a desperate escape in his supercharged Hellcat. Fate guides Seb safely out of Sin City and into the desert, but as his wheels fade into the horizon, he fades into darkness.

He awakes among a tiny community in the middle of nowhere. A mountain range circles the hodgepodge of shacks like prison walls looming high. And the warden that resides in those mountains is big, ugly, and deadly-a creature straight out of a Lovecraftian nightmare.

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