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Do Not Weep For Me by Tony Tremblay

When I was offered the chance to read the sequel to THE MOORE HOUSE, I was all over it, and I’m happy to say that this novel was even more intense and brutal than that one was!

It’s hard for me to believe that I read THE MOORE HOUSE back in 2018. Where does the time go? It didn’t take me long to settle back into Goffstown, New Hampshire though. That distinctive New England feel is here, along with that mysterious small town vibe and of course, Father MacLeod. This time around the Father is looking for ways to escape his deal with the devil, and the pawnshop owner and his trusty friend Rex are ready to help. Children are disappearing and then, when two of them return apparently unharmed, their parents are thrilled. Thrilled until they discover their daughters aren’t their daughters anymore. What do I mean by that? You’ll have to read this to find out!

Once again, Tony Tremblay sets everything up, gets you to like his characters and then he proceeds to put them through the wringer. It is sometimes hard for me to reconcile the super-nice and caring Tony in real life, with the author that puts his characters through hell. It makes me, as a reader, fearful to care for these people because I know what might be in store for them. Take my word for it, nice-guy Tony is gone when he’s writing. Not one character is spared from the ugliness that the demons rain down on them. Not one.

Even though this book is a sequel, being familiar with The Moore House is not necessary to enjoy this one. It stands alone either way. DO NOT WEEP FOR ME once again proves that Tony Tremblay is an author to be reckoned with!

Highly recommended!

Thank you to Tony for the paperback ARC in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!

Do Not Weep For Me Book Cover Do Not Weep For Me
Tony Tremblay
Horror, Dark Fiction
Twisted Publishing

Goffstown, New Hampshire has seen its share of supernatural mayhem, murder, and monsters. With the banishment of the demon James Moore, some in the town believed their bloody past was behind them. The devil knows better.

For weeks, an old disabled woman hesitates then waddles past the window of the Goffstown News building. On the day she finally enters the office, she has one hell of a story to tell the editor, Manuel Chance, but there is a caveat to his publishing it. Manuel is skeptical of the bizarre tale and suspicious of her motives. When she removes her clothing to provide evidence for her story, his skepticism vanishes, but his suspicion grows when he hears the basis for her caveat. She wants Manuel to investigate her husband to determine if he is behind the disappearance of four local children.

As Paul Lane steps out of his home, uneasiness overwhelms him. While he’s distracted, his daughter Cindy asks to play on the swing set in the backyard. In the unguarded moment, Paul agrees, making it the biggest mistake of his life. After Cindy disappears without a trace, a woman approaches Paul with a similar story. Together, they wait for the return of their children. When the two girls are found and returned to their parents, relief turns to confusion after the two girls make an astonishing claim. Confusion turns to horror when they discover the children have brought someone else back with them.

A battered, bruised, filthy woman pulls her stolen Subaru into a parking lot across from The Goffstown Pawnshop. With two decomposing bodies in the back of the car, she has driven non-stop from the Midwest to procure an item from the pawnshop owner. Possessed, she will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Inside the shop, the owner and his assistant Rex notice the woman on a surveillance camera. When the three of them do battle inside the pawnshop, it will be the first volley in a war to decide who will rule in Hell.

Shaken from his conflict with the demon residing in The Moore House, the pawnshop owner in Goffstown had hoped for a reprieve from supernatural carnage. Instead, violence remains his only option when a possessed woman enters his shop demanding an item he is sworn to protect. Three who had assisted him in defeating the demon James Moore are pulled back into battle. They, along with three innocents sucked into this new vortex of evil, are the only ones preventing an overthrow of Hell. The problem for the pawnshop owner is, God isn’t the one on their side.

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