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Children of Demeter by E.V. Knight

CHILDREN OF DEMETER had me ensnared right from the get-go. I generally love stories about cults and this one was a doozy!

Being pressed for time right now, I thought I should make a brief review of this compelling story while it is still fresh in my mind.

A woman reels from the death of her husband, which is revealed to her along with the knowledge of his infidelity and his hospitalized mistress. With his insurance money, she up and moves to a new house, a house shunned by the community and by nature itself. What will she discover there? You’ll have to read this to find out!

I loved the vivid characters here and was therefore even more emotionally stressed when bad things started to happen to them. I was also surprised at several changes that took place which completely altered the picture as far as this reader was concerned. I love when that happens.

I cannot finish this review without mentioning the awesome cover of this book which called out to me the minute I gazed upon its awesomeness. Look at it! Just look at it!

This is my first E. V. Knight book, but it shall not be my last. She took the “evil in a small town” trope, mashed it up with some mysterious cult activity, sprinkled in some mythology and sprayed some creature-feature rich whipped cream on the top. To all of which, I say: “Hell Yeah!”

Thanks to the publisher, the author and Erin Al-Mehairi for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!

The Children of Demeter Book Cover The Children of Demeter
E.V. Knight
Dark Fiction, Horror, Mystery
Raw Dog Screaming Press
August 4, 2021

In 1973, a commune of almost twenty-five people—mostly women and children—disappeared overnight from the small town of West Burma, WI. What happened to the hippie Children of Demeter has remained a mystery until this day, which is what draws Sarah Bisset, a sociologist on sabbatical, to the place.

With her personal life in ruins Sarah is more than happy to lose herself in the secrets of the isolated farmhouse, but soon those revelations have her questioning her own identity, and even her sanity. Is she prepared to navigate the labyrinth of lies and cover ups to expose the truth concealed inside Demeter House despite the consequences?

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