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Below by Kev Harrison

A fast paced novella that flies right by, BELOW was a fun ride!

A small group of people are going to investigate an old, caved in mine to make a television documentary. Nick, whose grandfather died in this mine, has the most at stake. Nick is a mining engineer and along with his documentary co-host Jess, (an internet influencer), and their camera operator Sofia, they’re about to explore the cave and see what they can find about what happened in there. An excavating team opens the entrance for them and they’re off! Will they find any signs of what happened? Will they find Nick’s grandfather’s remains? You’ll have to read this to find out!

This novella was well written, with short chapters that helped to set the fast pace. The characters were well developed and many of the scenes were vividly written and easy to visualize. The story, however, was rather easy to predict and as such, few of the surprises actually surprised me. I pretty much guessed what was going to happen from the get go and I hate when that happens. I want to be surprised, you know?

That said I did enjoy the writing style, the pacing and the isolated underground setting. I will definitely read more of Kev Harrison’s work in the future because the writing style, the characters and the pacing convinced me that he is an author to watch!

Recommended if you’re looking for a short, fast paced horror read!

Thank you to Silver Shamrock for the paperback ARC in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!

Below Book Cover Below
Kev Harrison
Horror, Dark Fiction
Silver Shamrock
Silver Shamrock

Nick has revered his grandfather his entire life. The absent hero, his namesake, buried alive in his final act of courage an ocean and thousands of miles away. Jess has outgrown her status as an all-action social media celebrity and the endless demands that come with it. Adventure Travel TV has thrown this unlikely duo together, promising Jess the launchpad she craves and Nick the chance to tell his grandfather’s story first-hand, in the newly uncovered mine that still holds his remains from the twilight days of the gold rush. Is it a dream come true or a nightmare as someone or something stirs…BELOW.

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