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Wintertide Omega by Paul Roberts

WINTERTIDE OMEGA is a wildly creative novel, combining cosmic horror, psychological horror, bloody gore, secret governmental projects and so much more. What a ride!

Mike and Parker Harriston have been estranged from their grandfather for quite some time. He’s moved to the Canadian wild and has had no contact with them for years. Now, he’s gone missing and the brothers, (and one girlfriend), head up to Northern Ontario to see what’s what’s what. Encountering blocked roads, strange storekeepers, and solitary wolves, they will never be the same again. Will they find their grandfather? Will they even survive this trip? You’ll have to read this to find out!

I’ve been reading the work of Paul Roberts for quite some time. In fact, I read the novella that was the basis for this story, PSYCHROS, back in 2014. At that time, I was hoping to read more about that world and now I’ve done just that. It was worth the wait.

Well written and beautifully told, have no doubt: this is seriously dark subject matter. When a bolide, (yep, I had to look it up too), crashed into a Canadian lake, things began to change. When a team was sent to retrieve it, contact was lost. Not long after that, there was an accident wherein hazardous materials were also lost to the lake. Who knows what kind of dark, chemically altered, alien life might be living in that deep, deep water? Who knows what controls it or if it’s even controllable? Add to all of that, a sense of cold darkness from…beyond and you have yourself a novel in which to immerse yourself on a cold winter weekend and that’s just what I did.

I think Paul Robert’s writing has improved and he had some chops to start with, so that’s saying a lot. He’s written scenes here that are incredibly gory and gross, but has somehow retained the ability to make this a seriously scary tale beyond all that; and of course, he makes us feel for Mike and Palmer. Two young men who just wanted answers to the mysteries surrounding their grandfather.

If any other works are released that are set in this dark world Paul Roberts has created, I want to know about it ASAP. Sign me the hell up, because I’m pretty sure whatever’s in that dark lake is not yet done with us!

Highly recommended!

*Thank you to the author for the paperback copy of this novel, (and the awesome inscription), in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*

Wintertide Omega Book Cover Wintertide Omega
Paul Roberts
Horror, Dark Fiction, Cosmic Horror
Gemini Books

Brothers Michael and Parker Harriston receive word that their estranged Grandfather has gone missing in the northern Ontario wild. To find him, they must brave the ferocity of a Canadian winter and travel to a place they hoped never to return.

Cut off from the outside world, the brothers encounter strange behaviors that have possessed the local wildlife. Rogue wolves stalk them through the snow-covered forest. Weird lights plague the surrounding frozen lakes. But there is something far worse that lies in wait for them in the cold dark.

Soon hunted by an otherworldly force, Michael and Parker must reconcile their tragic past if they are to survive the truth, and themselves.

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