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Wait for Night by Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones has become one of my favorite authors this year, and his book The Only Good Indians will most likely be my favorite book of 2020. When I discovered this short story, (thank you Michael Patrick Hicks!), I scooped it right up. I’m glad I did!

This is a short tale about Burned Dan and Chessup, both men working on a construction crew. At the end of the day they make an ugly discovery and it changes both of their lives forever.

I had no idea what was going to happen here. Some portions had me laughing, such as this little nugget of humor:

““What are you?” I said with a really distinct, spattery lisp.

“Pissed,” he said.”

Other parts had my mouth hanging open in surprise and disgust. What fun!

WAIT FOR NIGHT is a short story, so I can’t say much else other than that Stephen Graham Jones is a stellar writer, no matter the subject, no matter what, his work is always worth a read.


Wait For Night
Stephen Graham Jones

A day laborer hired to clean up a flooded creek outside of Boulder, Colorado uncovers what could be a valuable find—if it doesn't kill him first.

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