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Vengeance of Boon by Ed Kurtz, narrated by Laura Virella

Boonsri Angchuan is one of the best women I’ve ever read about. She’s from Siam. She’s one hell of a shot and she’s tough as hell.

This story is told by Boon’s friend Lily after a short preface from her other friend, Edward. This is another tale about the abuse of women in the old west. Lily’s on the run for stabbing her husband and runs into Boon during her travels. Together, both women end up fighting together against abuse, against men, against…well, everything. As such, they are probably the two most wanted women in the west. Will they both survive? You’ll have to read it and see!

Since I listened to the first book on audio, I listened to this one as well. I did not enjoy this narrator as much as I enjoyed the previous one, but I did get used to her accent and she did well overall.

I can’t wait for the third one now! From what I understand the narrator from the first book, Joshua Saxon, will be back and I can’t wait to find out what Boon does next!

Highly recommended!

I bought this book AND the audio with my hard earned cash!

Vengeance of Boon Book Cover Vengeance of Boon
Ed Kurtz
Crossroad Press

It’s been a decade since Boonsri Angchuan and Edward Splettstoesser parted ways in California at the bloody end of her original vengeance trail. Now, she finds herself in the middle of a South American war with a new partner to tell the tale, a young Mexican woman named Lily Contreras with a dark past and more than a little blood on her own hands.

And Boon’s vengeance hasn’t been doused yet - she is on a mission to find her mother, dead or alive, beginning with the one man she believes can tell her where she is.

From the Chilean pampas to the high Pacific seas and the unforgiving Sonoran Desert, Boon and Lily forge a new trail against military madmen, murderous mutineers, cowboy killers, and la Guardia Rural, all of whom will taste the Vengeance of Boon.

"Kurtz's Boon is a potent example of what a modern western should be: diverse, thrilling, and an honest romp through America's troubled past." (Errick Nunnally, author of Lightning Wears a Red Cape and Blood for the Sun)

"Boon is a force!" (John Foster, author of The Isle)

"Ed Kurtz is one of the most dynamic and talented storytellers writing today. Period." (Terrence McCauley, author of Where the Bullets Fly and Dark Territory)

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