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Velocities: Stories by Kathe Koja

VELOCITIES: STORIES is a diverse, energetic and mysterious collection of stories by a woman who has mastered the art of storytelling. 

I am a latecomer to Kathe Koja’s work, having only read one novel to date, which was SKIN. It was quite far out of my comfort zone, but as such, her writing was like a revelation to me. When I saw this collection available as an ARC I requested it right away and here we are. 

Not all of the tales within worked for me, but in collections they rarely do. The stories that did work, worked so very well, they left me hungry for more. 

THE MARBLE LILY was my favorite tale in this volume. A story about a janitor working in the morgue has never been so mysterious and hidden such surprises.

ROAD TRIP is the story of a man looking for redemption. I don’t think it can be found. 

LA REINE D’ENFER is a disturbing tale worthy of the title HELL QUEEN. The use of slang and language here was a wonder to behold. 

COYOTE PASS When a full time carer loses their patient, blood relative or not, it leaves a void. 

FAR AND WEE for me, had a distinct feel to it that I cannot describe. A farm boy comes to the city and says he’s done with the farm and the beasts. “Plenty beasts in the City, young man.” 

Kathe Koja uses language in such a way…it’s very special. Sometimes sharp and staccato-like, sometimes lush and luxurious. Either way, her writing is magical and I plan to eventually read everything she has written. 

My highest recommendation!

*Thank you to Meerkat Press via Edelweiss for the e-ARC of this collection in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*

**Originally published on my old blog 2.17.2020**

Velocities: Stories Book Cover Velocities: Stories
Kathe Koja
Dark Fiction
Meerkat Press


From the award-winning author of The Cipher and Buddha Boy, comes Velocities, Kathe Koja’s second electrifying collection of short fiction. Thirteen stories, two never before published, all flying at the speed of strange.

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