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The Loop by Jeremy Robert Johnson

In the town of Turner Falls Oregon, a group of teens get the surprise of their life at a party in the caves nearby. This is not your run of the mill kegger!

THE LOOP spends a bit of time introducing us to these high schoolers-most of whom are considered outsiders by their peers. Lucy is the main character and she was my favorite. Having suffered from a terrible early childhood, she now has adopted parents that really care for her. Unfortunately, she is not capable of really caring for them. Her small group of acquaintances are cute, and her friend Bucket, adorably so. When they discover what’s going on in the caves, all of their lives are immediately put into danger, and so begins the story that rockets from this point all the way to the final page. Will Lucy and her friends be able to protect themselves and their families from their discovery? You’ll have to read this to find out!

This book isn’t easily categorized-it features teens as the main characters, but this is really not geared towards them. There is a LOT of gore and general nastiness going on here, and the mystery behind it all is a lot to get your head around. I loved it though! It took a little while to get going and to get me to care for these people, but both of those things did happen eventually.

I’m going to leave off the plot and talk about the characterization here. Lucy was fully fleshed out, and I liked that, but the rest of the characters? Not so much. We learn more about Brewer later on, and discover that he’s not the loser everyone thought he was, and we learn that Bucket kind of is the loser we thought, but a likable and honorable one.

Denouements-they’re a powerful thing; sometimes they’re silly, and sometimes they make a lot of sense. Sometimes the author wimps out from doing what needs to be done, but I’m happy to say that is not the case here. This was the finale that the story called for and the author didn’t shy away from it. To that, I say BRAVO!

I finished this with tears in my eyes and eager to read more from Jeremy Robert Johnson!

Highly recommended!

*Thanks to the author, NetGalley and Gallery/Saga Press for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*

The Loop
Jeremy Robert Johnson
Science Fiction, Dark Fiction
Gallery/Saga Press

Stranger Things meets World War Z in this heart-racing conspiracy thriller as a lonely young woman teams up with a group of fellow outcasts to survive the night in a town overcome by a science experiment gone wrong. Turner Falls is a small tourist town nestled in the hills of western Oregon, the kind of town you escape to for a vacation. When an inexplicable outbreak rapidly develops, this idyllic town becomes the epicenter of an epidemic of violence as the teenaged children of several executives from the local biotech firm become ill and aggressively murderous. Suddenly the town is on edge, and Lucy and her friends must do everything it takes just to fight through the night

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