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The Liminal Man by Todd Keisling

When we last left Donovan Candle he had his wife back and he was committed to break out of the chains of day to day life and really LIVE. About a year and a half later, we rejoin him in THE LIMINAL MAN. Has he really changed? Has he taken life by the horns? The answer is…sort of.

Donna Candle is now pregnant and Donovan has stayed on with his brother Michael’s detective agency. He’s finally finished his novel and taken strides to get it out there to others. But has he really? Turns out his wife had to force him to get it out there, (shades of Carrie, right?) Donovan has been obsessed with a number of people that have recently disappeared and he thinks they might be connected to the disappearance of the man behind a popular TV show. How can that be? In spite of his best efforts nothing seems to come of these suspicions. Is he settling back into his old life of inaction? What about the Monochrome, will he be sucked back over there? Are these missing people related somehow to a reality TV show? You’ll have to read this to find out!

It was fun to see how Donovan has changed since the last book. At first, it seemed like everything was going great for the guy. Donna’s pregnancy and a better relationship with his brother are just two of the things he has going for him. The missing persons cases have occupied his thoughts but he can’t connect any dots.

That’s when the tone of the story changed and we moved into a more epic-feeling area of powers, battles against evil, and some scary as hell creatures. Meet the Yawning, folks. Meet the cretins, (again). I don’t even know what to call that fleshy thing. (Those Yawning though, they are going to haunt my dreams, I just know it.)

I’m feeling right now like this has turned into a quest story. The denouement here made me think that the next book in the series is going to have an even bigger battle for Donovan, and what about Donna? Will she be okay? I really need these two to be okay. I’ll be needing that third story now, please.

Highly recommended!

*Thanks to the author for the eARC in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

The Liminal Man Book Cover The Liminal Man
The Monochrome Trilogy, Book 2
Todd Keisling
Dark Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Bloodshot Books

WELCOME TO THE SPACES IN BETWEEN Originally published in 2012, Todd Keisling’s The Liminal Man continues the existential journey of everyman, Donovan Candle, as he works alongside his brother to track a sadistic, otherworldly killer. Bloodshot Books is proud to present this revised and expanded edition, featuring the second installment of Keisling’s all-new afterword series, “Who is Donovan Candle?”

FADE IN A year and a half after the horrific events of A Life Transparent, Donovan Candle has worked to redefine himself and find his place in the world. He has a new job, he’s finished his novel, and his wife, Donna, has a baby on the way. Life for Mr. Candle is good, or so he wants to believe—yet the threat of the Monochrome is ever present, and lately, is manifesting in troubling ways.

FADING OUT Working as a private investigator alongside his brother, Donovan witnesses a startling number of Missing Persons cases occurring around the city. Those missing are all in their early twenties, there one day and gone the next, vanished from their jobs, their homes, their families. The signs are too familiar for Donovan to ignore, and when several young men and women are discovered brutally murdered, his worst fears are confirmed.

FADE AWAY At first, he’s hesitant to act, but when Donna’s nephew is abducted by the suspected killer, Donovan realizes he has no choice but to face his fears. This time there is more at stake than his own existence, and doing the right thing may come at a terrible price…

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