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The House of Little Bones by Beverley Lee, narrated by Alastair James Murden

The House of Little Bones is a novella-sized tasty little treat! It would make for a superb Twilight Zone episode, or perhaps an episode of Creepshow!

To sum it up: An older, famous, (yet, waning), horror author named David gets caught on camera with a young man, a young man, (Luca), that happens to be the son of the owner of David’s publishing company. Needless to say, dad is angry and determined to split the two. David is secretly shipped off to a small town, and commanded to stay where he is and write. A place to stay has been arranged, David is brought there and banned from all outside contact, including Luca. Strange things begin to happen in David’s new home and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Will Luca and David ever be able to get together again? What’s going on in that house? You’ll have to read this to find out!

I enjoy folk horror and even though the narrative starts in the city, it ends up in that small town, where everyone is a stranger and where secrets are kept for generations. I enjoyed Luca and David as characters, and of course, hated Luca’s father with all my heart. What I especially liked here was the folk story at the end. That information gave more meaning to the events that were occurring. I think I might have liked to have read the story already knowing that, but having already read it, I guess I’ll never know!

The narrator, Alastair James Murden, was excellent. As he is performing the opening and ending sequences his voicing is way over the top, (it reminded me of those old horror movie previews, (PERFECT!), but it settles down with a wonderful English accent which is also perfect for this tale.

This audiobook was a dark, delicious tale, performed perfectly and I highly recommend it!

*Thanks to the author for the audio download in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*

The House of Little Bones Book Cover The House of Little Bones
Beverley Lee
Dark Fiction, Folk Horror, Occult
Fireside Horror
3 hours, 42 minutes

He thought he was untouchable.

David Lansdown, esteemed British horror writer and supernatural sceptic, is used to basking in the glow of the press....

Until a hastily snapped photo hits the headlines and makes his affair with his publisher’s son public.

When David finds himself at Bone Hollow, a house with a glass wall overlooking a wild and desolate moor, his only concern is writing his next best seller to bury his misdeeds in the past.

But something stirs beneath the earth. Something bound to the land. Something determined to take everything from him.

Luca Fox-Waite is still in love with the man who cast him aside, but his own childhood demons lurk in his shadow. As he discovers more about Bone Hollow’s history, he finds himself ensnared in its story - a story steeped in time and tragedy.

Because curses lie in bones, and they do not die.

The House of Little Bones is a tale of avarice, adoration, and of how the sins of the past cling to the living, as well as the dead.

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