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The Body Will Follow by Rob E. Boley

I’ve long thought that the novella is the perfect delivery device for a horror story. Short enough that every word has to count and long enough to fill out all the characters. Somewhere in the last third of this, I lost my way.

It’s difficult to say much because I don’t want to spoil anything. We join Carrie in the middle of things and the story goes back at a certain point and fills us in. You and she both are in for a ride! Everything is moving quickly and the reader is almost dazed with Carrie’s frenetic schedule. Later on, when the reader is more well informed, we join up with Cassie again as she searches for answers. In between, we learn she had a small group of friends, which included a gay couple. She liked to run. She liked to cook. I learned these things…but it didn’t make me care more for her.

I was on board with this story all the way up to the last third or so and then things became a bit muddled for me. It was difficult to picture in my head what was being described and when that happens it interrupts and takes my mind out of the story. I also felt that the denouement was a bit disappointing…which I know is very general, but…spoilers.

I’m aware of some buzzing going on regarding this book but I can only speak for myself. The Body Will Follow is full of promiscuity, violence, rape, S & M, STDs, and more. If you are triggered by these things, you should call a hard pass. I started reading horror in the late 70’s or so, and at that time, a lot of horror books contained all those things plus some. That’s not to say the attitudes toward woman, homosexuals etc… was right, but it’s what it was and it’s what I grew up with. The first 2/3 of this novel felt exactly like that to me, and that inspired a…longing for those times when I just discovered what horror could do. Bravo to Mr. Boley for bringing me back there.

My rating here and now is how I felt about the book, which is what it’s supposed to be. I enjoyed the prose and the pacing, for what it was and for how it swept me along, but I lost my way somewhere in that last third and it just didn’t work. Your mileage may vary.

I’m willing to check out Mr. Boley’s other work in the future because for the most part, I did enjoy his style of writing.

*Source: I bought this ebook with my hard earned cash.*

The Body Will Follow Book Cover The Body Will Follow
Rob E. Boley
Silver Shamrock Publishing

When Carrie reclaims her body after being possessed by a hedonistic gang of dark spirits, life as she knew it is over. Before, she was a thirty-something data analyst who enjoyed preparing vegetarian meals, decorating her vintage home, and training for marathons. Now, she’s lost everything—her savings, friends, career, and reputation. The police want to question her for an array of crimes. Homeless and diseased, she’s also the star of her own mortifying viral video. That’s not all that’s changed. She can now see ghosts, though not the traditional specters from books and films. These earthbound souls exist at the mercy of the physical world, where grass impales their feet and rain riddles their astral bodies like bullets. When she meets Daniel—who first encountered her body on a one night stand during the spirits’ debaucherous joy ride, they forge a friendship rooted in home-cooking and bondage. Just as Carrie finds a new normal, she discovers that sinister spirits have possessed another victim.

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