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TALES FROM THE HEARSE by David Allen Voyles

TALES FROM THE HEARSE by David Allen Voyles is a volume of tasty horror treats!

From what I understand, the author had a business wherein he drove people around in the back of a hearse, brought them to “haunted” places and told them scary stories on the way. That’s where this title originates, even though only one of those stories is included here. I wish they had an attraction like that locally, because I’d be in that hearse in seconds flat!

My favorites from this collection are:

ONE MORE OFFERING: I often feel that grief is a great basis on which to build a horror story. This one definitely qualifies.

AN UNSPOKEN WISH: I love tales about evil children. Meet Marjorie!

MATINEE SPECIAL: A couple wander into a small town while antiquing. Everywhere they turn, every shop they enter, they’re advised to check out the matinee. So they do.

THAT HALLOWEEN NIGHT: In a way this tale was an homage to Harper Lee’s TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Outsiders are often the winners in horror tales. You’ll have to decide for yourself with this one.

JUST RETRIBUTION: I just adored this one. Told in epistolary form, it brought back fond memories of reading horror classics like Dracula, for instance.

A DREAM NOT DEFERRED: This is my favorite in the collection. Two words: Ventriloquist’s dummy.

AN EXTRAVAGANZA OF A LIFETIME: This was a crazy fun story regarding clowns. Have you ever seen that hotel of clowns? (Here’s a link if not: CLOWN HOTEL. Well, in this tale the hotel has clowns but they’re not as open about it. Clowns and hotels. The outcome just can’t be good, right?

This was an impressive collection of stories from a new-to-me author. Extremely well written with a real knack of pushing a horror lover’s buttons, I know I’ll be reading more of David Allen Voyles’ work. You should too!

*I was provided this e-copy in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*

David Allen Voyles
Dark Fiction
Gestalt Media

Virgil Nightshade is an expert storyteller, mixing the local supernatural lore and a bit of theatrics with a stage magician’s flare to create a sophisticated carnival ride. All while riding in a hearse." - TripAdvisor ReviewIn Tales from the Hearse, David Allen Voyles evokes his past role as Virgil Nightshade, the storyteller and ghost tour host, with this collection of thirteen stories of the macabre. One can easily imagine riding in the back of his 1972 Cadillac hearse through a spooky graveyard listening to him tell his tales of horror just as his customers did in Asheville, NC. If you love ghost stories, haunted houses, and walks through the graveyard, climb in the hearse and take a dark ride with David Allen Voyles. Just make sure your doors are locked.

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