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Slattery Falls by Brennan LaFaro

As one of the moderators of Horror Aficionados on Goodreads, I see so many new authors in the horror genre, it boggles my mind. Once in a while though, I get a chance to get in on the ground floor, and in my opinion, Brennan LaFaro is taking the writing elevator right on up to the penthouse.

This story of three friends encountering an entity during their ghost hunting adventures captured my attention right from the get-go. The dynamics of their relationships rang true and I genuinely liked them all. I enjoyed the friendly, easy manner of the storytelling and it put me in mind of Stephen King’s writing and that “regular person” feel.

Combining short chapters and slowly building atmospheric tension, this narrative pulls the reader along to the final heart-wrenching scenes and then forces them to bear witness.

The only issue I had and it’s nothing much, but it felt to me like this story wanted to be a little longer, Or maybe it’s just me and I wanted it to be longer.

I think Brennan LaFaro is an author to watch. Mark my words. While we wait, I highly recommend you give this novella a try!

*Thanks to Silver Shamrock for the ARC in exchange for my honest feedback. This it it! Thanks also to the Horror Aficionados that read it with me! Love you guys!*

Slattery Falls Book Cover Slattery Falls
Brennan LaFaro
Horror, Dark Fiction
Silver Shamrock
July 20, 2021
Silver Shamrock

Travis, Elsie, and Josh, college kids with a ghost-hunting habit, scour New England for the most interesting haunted locales. Their journey eventually leads them to Slattery Falls, a small Massachusetts town living in the shadow of the Weeks House. The former home of the town’s most sinister and feared resident sits empty. At least that’s what the citizens say. It’s all in good fun. But after navigating the strange home, they find the residents couldn’t be more wrong. And now the roles are reversed. The hunters have become the hunted. Something evil refuses to release its grip, forcing the trio into one last adventure.

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