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Road’s End and Other Fantasies by Brian A. Hopkins

Brian Hopkins is an insanely talented writer that no one seems to be familiar with. In ROAD’S END AND OTHER FANTASIES, he shows off his skills in a variety of genres, all of which were entertaining and fun.

I’m not going to list each story, but I’m going to briefly mention a few so you can get an idea whether or not this audio is right for you.

There were several western stories about One Eyed Jack and I absolutely adored them. These were co-written with David Niall Wilson and they kicked all kinds of ass. It takes guts to try to marry a western with cosmic horror, but these guys pull it off- in spades. These tales were my favorites and I would love to see them expanded out into a full novel or series of novels. That would be RAD!

The tales towards the end involving knights, dragons and unicorns were a lot of fun. Engaging tales of saving kingdoms, family betrayals, and strangers who become friends, made for compelling listening, and easy to imagine as films in my mind’s eye.

The narrators, Joshua Saxon, (who narrated most of the stories), and Naomi Rose-Mock, were both phenomenal and brought these stories to life.

I’m not sure why Brian Hopkins is not more well known, but I’d like to try to rectify that. I’ll start with this review. If you’re looking for stories with depth and characters you can get behind, this is a great volume with which to start!

Thank you to the narrator, Joshua Saxon, for the Audible download in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.

Road's End and Other Fantasies Book Cover Road's End and Other Fantasies
Brian Hopkins
Fantasy, Dark Fiction, Western, Collection, Short Stories
Crossroad Press

An old king with nothing left to lose is lured to the site of his greatest victory by a long-forgotten enemy seeking revenge.The last dragon-slayer and the last dragon, brought together with just one anticipated outcome, but what if they have more to ask of each other?A brave knight cursed to know love as no other but to never have that love returned in kind.The wild west as you've never seen it before.Two ancient warriors body-stealing through time.These are just some of the stories in this collection from award-winning author Brian A. Hopkins.

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