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Night Service by John Leonard

Luke and Jessica are heading home to Jessica’s house, after a fun and romantic night out on the town. Both are rather young and neither has much money, so they decided to take the night service bus instead of calling a taxi. Let’s just call that a fatal mistake, for at least one of them. Who survives? What happened on that late night bus ride? You’ll have to read this to find out!

I am a fan of John Leonard’s work and it’s nearly criminal that he’s not more well known. He is building his own legends and stories surrounding his creation: The Scaeth. He has a way of making his characters real to the reader, just enough so that the reader can relate and start to like them… and then he drops them down into some seriously dangerous and scary situations and lets them fight for themselves.

At novella length, NIGHT SERVICE flies by. There’s excitement, chases, tension and bloody gore galore! I had a great time reading it and I look forward to more in The Scaeth Mythos.


*Thanks to John Leonard for the e-copy of this novella in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*

**Originally published December 11, 2020 on my original website.**

Night Service Book Cover Night Service
John Leonard
Dark Fiction, Horror

It's been a great night, but it's getting late. You need to make tracks and cash isn't king. No worries ...all aboard the Night Service. It could be the last bus you ever catch.

Every journey is a journey into the unknown, but this trip is an eye-opener, unlike anything that Luke and Jessica have ever experienced. They’re going to learn a few important lessons. Being young and in love doesn’t grant immunity from the everyday awful ...or the less ordinary evil that lurks in the shadows. There’s no inoculation from the horror of the world - it’s real and it’s waiting to touch you.

Public transport tends to divide opinion. Some folks think it's fantastic. They love rubbing shoulders with strangers, seeing life anew through condensation-clad windows. Others consider buses as nothing short of easy-on-the-pocket cattle trucks that the enviro-friendlies promote and never use. There are drawbacks, that’s for sure. A nagging distrust, an under the radar sense of unpredictability. You never know who's going to be in the seat next to you. You never know, with absolute certainty, if you'll arrive where you need to be. Especially on those rare darktime buses that run when the sensible folk have done their business and gone home. The last dance, last ditch, leftover choice. The get on or get walking option. They’re the worst.

All the night owls out there need to take care, buses after midnight are decidedly dodgy affairs. Unreliable and loaded with the potential for unpleasant. That said, life doesn’t always leave you with very much choice. Love them or loathe them, sometimes you just have to climb aboard and hope for the best. How bad can it be? Just jump on and enjoy! Time to shut up and let someone else drive. You’re not in control when you travel in lowlife style. No standing, there’s room on top. No smoking and don’t distract the driver. Don’t scream and don’t cuss. Just get on the bus.

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