Reviews of Dark Fiction

My Ratings Scale

My ratings scale is rather simple, but here it is anyway!


5*- My favorite horror genre books are: Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon (though not exactly horror and more of a coming of age tale, so sue me), October Country by Ray Bradbury, The Stand, It, and Misery, by the King. Ghost Story and Shadowland by Peter Straub. The Elementals and Blackwater by Michael McDowell. 5 stars in the horror genre means the book hit a home run, is unforgettable, and will probably be re-read by me several times over.

4.5 *Horror books that are close to perfect, but for whatever reason fall just a tad short of a perfect read. A few examples would be The Fireman by Joe Hill, Turn of the Screw by M.R. James, and Wicked Stepmother by Michael McDowell. All great books and most likely will be reread by me at least once.

4* Horror books like entertaining Creature Features such as James Herbert’s “The Rats” or even Lovecraft’s “The Rats in the Walls” most likely will end up in this category. They are not literary masterpieces, but they are entertaining and fun, and sometimes that’s exactly what I want. These are most likely to be re-read by me at least once.

3*-Means I liked it, it was okay, but for some reason it didn’t push all of my buttons. I’m probably glad that I read it, but I most likely will not read it again.

2.-2.5*-I didn’t like it much at all. I don’t have many of these, because I’m likely to throw in the towel early on reads that I’m not enjoying. A good example of this type of book for me would be The Woman in Black by Susan Hill.

1*-I don’t believe I’ve ever rated anything 1 star. I probably ditched that sucker early.




5*-My favorite classic books are: The House of Mirth, The Martian Chronicles, and Rebecca to name a few. 5 stars for a (non horror) classic means the book will need to be at least as good as these examples and I am almost guaranteed to read it again.

4*-Excellent read, but for whatever reason it failed to reach 5 star status.

3*-Good read and glad I read it, but probably will not read it again.


1*-You won’t see many of these because I tend to quit reading if I dislike a book this much.