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Malorie by Josh Malerman

Beginning at the same place we left off in BIRD BOX only a few years later at the school for the blind, MALORIE takes us on another wild ride!

As with everything in the BIRD BOX world, the school does not remain safe for long. Once again, Malorie goes on the road and discovers a safe place to raise her family, all still living by the fold. They are comfortable for many years, (Olympia and Tom are now 16), until a man arrives are their camp. He says he’s from the census, and has printed papers with news of the world. Of course Malorie will not look at them and doesn’t trust him, (she lives by the fold), but Tom does- and finds the names of Malorie’s parents on a list of survivors. Are they really still alive? Is this census thing for real? You’ll have to read it to find out!

I don’t want to say anything more about the plot, because there’s a lot going on here that you deserve to find out on your own. I will say, however, that I thought there was a lot of repetition along the way, when we’re inside Malorie’s or the teens’ heads. Sometimes I got a little bogged down while listening to that. Also? I felt like the ending came abruptly and I wanted to know about more about the circumstances in which Malorie and her family found themselves.

Those are the only, (slightly), negative things I have to say, because otherwise, I loved this book. I was glad to see Malorie again, tough as nails and handling things like a boss.

Cassandra Campbell is one hell of a narrator and I enjoyed her performance.

MALORIE is an engaging tale and an even more engaging character. I recommend that all fans of BIRD BOX get to it and get to it quickly!

*I bought this audiobook with my hard earned cash.*

**Originally posted on 8.21.20.**

Bird Box, #2
Josh Malerman
Horror, Dark Fiction
Del Rey

In the thrilling sequel to Bird Box, the inspiration for the record-breaking Netflix film that starred Sandra Bullock and “absolutely riveted” Stephen King, New York Times best-selling author Josh Malerman brings unseen horrors to life. “This sequel is as tense and harrowing as the original, with a new depth that raises the stakes.” (Riley Sager, author of Lock Every Door) Twelve years after Malorie and her children rowed up the river to safety, a blindfold is still the only thing that stands between sanity and madness. One glimpse of the creatures that stalk the world will drive a person to unspeakable violence. There remains no explanation. No solution. All Malorie can do is survive - and impart her fierce will to do so on her children. Don’t get lazy, she tells them. Don’t take off your blindfold. AND DON’T LOOK. But then comes what feels like impossible news. And with it, the first time Malorie has allowed herself to hope. Someone very dear to her, someone she believed dead, may be alive. Malorie has already lost so much: her sister, a house full of people who meant everything, and any chance at an ordinary life. But getting her life back means returning to a world full of unknowable horrors - and risking the lives of her children again. Because the creatures are not the only thing Malorie fears: There are the people who claim to have caught and experimented on the creatures. Murmurings of monstrous inventions and dangerous new ideas. And rumors that the creatures themselves have changed into something even more frightening. Malorie has a harrowing choice to make: to live by the rules of survival that have served her so well, or to venture into the darkness and reach for hope once more.

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