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Dissonant Harmonies by Bev Vincent & Brian Keene

Being unfamiliar with Bev Vincent’s work, and being that I’m a fan of Brian Keene, I thought this volume which includes two novellas, would be a great read. I’m happy to report that I was right!

The first tale, DEAD OF WINTER, was written by Bev Vincent. Much fun was had! This is the tale of two brothers, reunited in their hometown, amidst a mystery involving missing citizens. In the middle of a snowstorm named Bruno, the brothers work with their local police chief to solve the case. This story was just plain fun!

The second tale, THE MOTEL AT THE END OF THE WORLD, involves a couple barricaded in a hotel room. Why? You’ll have to read this to find out!

Each novel was written to a soundtrack provided by the other author. Bev provided Brian with a “mix tape,” and vice versa. I haven’t yet investigated all the songs but I do plan to soon. To be honest, I was intrigued by the idea of writing to a soundtrack provided by someone else. There is an introduction in which all of this is explained, and it includes each song on each playlist.

This two novella collection was a BLAST!

Thanks to Cemetery Dance for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!

Dissonant Harmonies Book Cover Dissonant Harmonies
Bev Vincent, Brian Keene
Horror, Dark Fiction
Cemetery Dance
Cemetery Dance

Inspired by specially curated mixtapes, Bev Vincent and Brian Keene present two new spine-chilling novellas...

As a blizzard descends upon the sleepy town of Bayport, Rhode Island, brothers Joey and Frank Shaw investigate the mysterious disappearances of several townsfolk. After the discovery of strange tunnels, tunnels that only Joey can see, the trio suspect something is lurking beneath the snowbound town. Something burrowing. Something hungry. And it looks like Joey might be next in The Dead of Winter.

Did you imagine the world vanishing to a flood or a comet, the hand of God or nuclear war? What if it started with something as innocuous as the Berenstain Bears, and something known as the Mandela Effect? Barricaded in a seedy motel room, one man makes sense of love, loss, and life as the end of the world looms. Do you see what he sees? Do you know what he knows?

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